CNC-50 Spring Coiling Machine


· Wire Diameter suitable for2.0 ~ 5.0mm.
· Max O.D. up to 80 mm.
· 2-axis control, for wire feed and pitch mechanism.
· High precision equipped with CNC controlled servo-motion system
· High production speed Max. up to 100 pcs/min..
· Simplified setup and program with English/Chinese platform.
· Capable of various kind of springs such as compression springs, oil seal springs, taper springs, battery springs and so on.


Wire Diameter: 2.0 ~ 5.0mm
Max. O.D.: 80 mm
Max. Production Speed: 100 pcs/min
Feed Length: Unlimited
Feed Speed: 54m/min
Feed (Y) Axis (kw): Y Axis 15KW
Cam (X) Axis (kw): X Axis 7.0KW
Monitor Display: Color / Chinese / English
Max. Value: X : 359.99° Y : 99999.99 mm
Min. Value: X : 0.01° Y : 0.01 mm
Memory: 999 Programs Max. & 250 Lines for each program
Machine Dimensions: 200 x130 x 200 cm
Wooden Case Dimensions: 224 x 182 x 224 cm
Machine Weights: 2450 Kgs
Gross Weights: 2900 Kgs
Power: 220V 3P 50/60Hz 

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